Registration for Youth Explosion 2016 Now Live!

I’ve got some good news, more good news and even more – yup, you guessed it – GOOD NEWS!

1) Registration is now open for Youth Explosion 2016. You can head on over to the registration page for more details, to download the form and for information on where to email your completed registration.

2) We have a great new band this year, “Refined Undignified” that will be leading praise and worship, and an amazing new speaker this year, Julie Kissick.

3) We have put up an incredible “Early Bird Registration” prize that will be given to one group (drawn at random) that submits their registration before October 5.

4) We have a Facebook page! You can head on over and Like it to make sure you stay up to date with all the goings on over here!

Stay tuned as we will have more details as we get closer to the event!

P.S. Bring your skates/helmets again this year!!!

YE 2016 Details!

It’s getting close to that time of year! I’m not talking about school – I’m talking about Youth Explosion! This year we are doing something “Ridiculous”. Not only do we have some amazing new music lined up for you this year, we have a new speaker and a wonderful God that is always faithful and true!

The theme this year is “Ridiculous” and we will be talking about living, trusting, following, and making “ridiculous” choices as we follow God. It’s going to be AMAZING and we want you to be there. If you haven’t already, save the date: October 21-23 and come prepared to get “Ridiculous”.


YE 2015 SlideShow

Hey people!

Finally managed to get the video on YouTube, plus had to add in a few that was accidentally missed out! ooops! But stuff happens! it was quite the busy weekend with 50 things going on at once, but that’s okay, was an awesome weekend!! Everyone had done great! Well Done! Check out the video anyhow, Enjoy!

Ice Skating Comes to YE 2015

That’s right folks! We get to go ice skating this year! We’ve worked out a plan that will get all of you skaters out there on the ice just across from the YE venue.

There is a catch though:

  1. You MUST bring your own skates.
  2. You MUST wear a helmet.

Why We Wear Helmets


More details will be provided Friday evening when you come, but if you have skates, bring them and we’ll see you on the ice!