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Figured we’ll try and put the schedule out there if you want to print it off or write it down for ahead of time, whatever works for your group! Keep in mind on Friday doors open at 6:30 pm so you can register, sign in and bring in signed registration forms etc. you know the drill if you’ve been there before! Have at it!

Youth Explosion Schedule


Hey you!!

Only 3 weeks away for YE to kick off!! hope you checked out the registration page for your group and or you! If you haven’t yet get on it! We don’t want you to miss out on this fun-filled and spirit-filled weekend!

Last year we had Kelly Stickel and Tim Tribble tag team for speaking. This year we brought back Tim for the whole weekend! He’s a youth pastor with his wife Jen out of Lethbridge Ab Victory Church. Tim and Jen have a heart for sharing God’s love through their ministries for youth, music, and MyCityCare program. It will be exciting to see and hear what God has placed on Tim’s heart about our IDENTITY in Christ!

YE 2018 Registration

If you are getting excited about Youth Explosion (we certainly are), you will be happy to note that we have just updated and posted a registration form. That’s right, registration is OPEN! Download it (right here) and please send it via email to the address listed on the form. We are looking forward to meeting the new people and getting to know you all better!

Youth Explosion Pro-mo Video 2018

Get pumped and ready for Youth Explosion 2018! Thank you Preston Industries for taking time doing this Pro-Mo video for the event!! Heres a glimpse of what goes down in the town of Vulcan Ab!! W00t W00t!


Once again we have asked to have Vanguard back!! A great group of young adults ready to take on the day and weekend with God as their focus guiding them to bring people to Christ. We had them come to play last year at Youth Explosion and they did awesomely! A very nice sound to hear! They are also ready to lend a helping hand with anything too!

Not only do they have a great worship team and inspiration, but they are also a college up in Edmonton. They offer some pretty cool ministry programs and opportunities for young people to serve and worship God as they learn how to be strong leaders!

“At Vanguard, we want you to consider where God is leading you, as well as your giftings and passions.  In our mission to “Develop Innovative Spirit-filled Leaders” we will stand alongside each student as they discover God’s next step in their life.  We believe following God’s leading is of utmost importance and we will do all that we can to support you in your journey, no matter where He leads.”

We are excited to see what they have got to bring along this year!

More about Vanguard check them out here!