No YE for 2020

Hey there everyone,

Long time no hear from, but as 2020 has been quite the year already with the virus on hand. As most of you know or probably already knew that Youth Explosion isn’t able to happen for this year. For the circumstances as it is with Covid-19 The committee has prayerfully decided that the event is cancelled until it is best to resume.

Even if we had an outdoor event that could hold more than the building rules allowed for, we would still run into issues of social distancing. For the safety of everyone that attends and is involved in the event we won’t be able to host our last event sadly. We will prayerfully see how God wants the last event to fold out if it’s His will for one more even.

Thanks for your time, patience efforts, and prayers for all you guys and gals have done for 18 blessed years!! God is the one to thank most importantly!

If there are any questions or concerns or even prayer requests, or just someone to talk to and reach out in these tough times please feel free to email or message us on our Facebook page Vulcan Youth Explosion, Instagram at yevulcan. We would love to hear from you!

Blessings and stay safe!

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