YE 2013 Sessions

With YE 2013 just around the corner, we have a bit more information on some of the activities this year.  As we mentioned previously, Behold is playing for us and have just released a new album featuring the song – you guessed it, Water Walker.  With Sid Koop speaking, we can expect some awesome lively sessions that will be both amazingly encouraging as well as challenging and life changing.

Sessions this year will include some super fun arts that include learning to draw cartoons by some extremely talented people.  We also have some Gym time, and with the theme all about warfare, we have some good ‘Intel’ (Intelligence) as well as warnings about getting bad ‘intel’.  We will be having a fun dress-up photo booth, games, free food, prizes, and a ton of fun!  There is lots more to check out so make sure you tell your friends, register and bring your group!

Also, back by popular demand… fish.  DUM dum daaaa!  See you there!


YE Vulcan 2013 Poster

Here we go!!! We now have the poster for YEVulcan 2013!  Take a look and enjoy!  If you want to print it up to post at your school, church or anywhere else (as long as you have permission), please click it to download it!


Behold Is Back + New Album!

I have some very good news for you all!  Behold is back this year!  What makes this super awesome is that this comes right on the heels of their latest album release.  If you’ve been to YE in the past few years, you know that these guys can rock the praise and make us wonder at the majesty of God in worship.  I’m super glad to have them back.  Check out some more information below!

Behold on YouTube

Behold on Twitter

Behold on Facebook

Also, don’t forget to go snag their latest album – Light – on iTunes!  I bet that if you want a real disc, you will be able to pick it up at Youth Explosion next month!!

Sid Koop – Speaker for YEVulcan 2013

We are very excited to have Sid Koop joining us this year for YE2013!  Sid is a great man of God and a dynamic speaker that will challenge youth in every way possible with the truth of Jesus Christ through God’s Word.  He doesn’t make stuff up.  In everything that he does and says, he aims to be Biblically centered, relevant and authentic.  I’ve heard him speak on several occasions and even got the chance to work with him a few years ago on another youth project.  I’ve very excited to have my brother-from-another-mother (but our Father is God) join us this year!

To check out more information about him and his ministry – check out