Thirst No More!

Hello, one and all!! As weeks are getting close to YE we have some details for ya’ll! Vanguard is coming back once again to the event, our speaker is Stefan Feuchter coming all the way from Germany to share his heart with Christ to teach us how to thirst no more and to be fueled and full of Jesus!

Of course, we’ll have sessions and games to follow at YE, food, of course, is provided on Saturday morning, noon and evening. Sunday for breakfast and lunch! It is all still for freeeeee!

Also, skating and dodgebraaawwwllll are back! Please be sure to bring your helmets and skates along! yes helmets are mandatory! Even if you are 18, let set the example to be safe, plus the younger ones won’t feel as awkward wearing one too. As a leader, I too will also do the same! No one wants a visit to the hospital and miss out on God’s amazingness!

We will try and get you a schedule to check out, in the meantime feel free to share and hang up the poster!

Doors open on Friday at 6 pm to register up! Saturday 9am-10:30pm, Sunday at 9 am-12:30pm at the Vulcan Cultural Recreation Center 504 4th Ave South

YE 2019 Registration

HEY!! yes!! finally!! registration is now open!! you have all been waiting for this!! sorry for the tardiness, but with no time to lose print off the form to fill out and email it to if you are unable to email it please do bring it with you! we will still take them! please do email how many will be coming for billeting and food if so!

Click here to print out the form!

YE Slideshow Thirst No More

Another great God filled weekend in the books! If you weren’t able to attend YE 2019 this time check out what you missed! Hope you can make it for YE 2020!! Thank you to all that came out to YE!!


Got some interesting sessions planned, if all goes to plan this is what we got this year. It may not look like a lot but there’s always something a person can take away from a session! Hopefully, you all can attend something!

2019 Schedule!!

Got the Youth Explosion schedule up and running! take a look to plan your travels ahead! Disclaimer note: We hope we can be on time with things within reason, but realize God is in control and we don’t want to put Him on a time limit or in a box for His message to be heard. There is a lot going on for YE weekend as typical so please be patient with all that is involved especially your leaders! Take a looksie what we got happening!

Skating and Dodgebrawwwlllll!!

Once again we have skating back!! For those that are pumped to be on the ice bring your skates and helmet as there may be a limited amount to borrow. Show off your skating skills! or just have fun doing your best staying on your feet! Pretty much what I do all the time!! This is happening on Saturday evening!!

Dodgbrawl will also be back happening at the same time for those pumped up dodgebrawl enthusiasts!! If you’re not feeling the ice or can’t find a pair of skates come have a ball and a throw it into high gear!! Dodge-Dip-Dive-Duck-Dodge!