Stand Firm!

Stand Firm!

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Stay Alert

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Keep Watch

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New Life

New Life

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YE 2015 SlideShow

Hey people!

Finally managed to get the video on YouTube, plus had to add in a few that was accidentally missed out! ooops! But stuff happens! it was quite the busy weekend with 50 things going on at once, but that’s okay, was an awesome weekend!! Everyone had done great! Well Done! Check out the video anyhow, Enjoy!

Ice Skating Comes to YE 2015

That’s right folks! We get to go ice skating this year! We’ve worked out a plan that will get all of you skaters out there on the ice just across from the YE venue.

There is a catch though:

  1. You MUST bring your own skates.
  2. You MUST wear a helmet.

Why We Wear Helmets


More details will be provided Friday evening when you come, but if you have skates, bring them and we’ll see you on the ice!

YE 2015 Getting Closer!

Spread the love! Share the poster! Get pumped UP! (We are pumped up!)


YE 2015 for High-School Seniors

In many of the past Youth Explosion events, the focus has been toward our largest age group – 13-15 year old youth, and it has come to our attention that some of the high-school seniors are feeling a bit left out. This year we endevour to make Youth Explosion so much better for our gr. 11/12 students! There is a bit of a catch though – we need your help.


In order to make this event awesome for those graduating in the near future, we need some of those students to help out, give us some ideas, suggestions and even help with some sessions. We love eager hearts and hands that are ready to help and would love it if your youth leader (or youth) would reach out to us. Please spread the word that YE 2015 (October 23-25) will be awesome for all ages – including our awesome gr.11/12 class!

Please forward all your questions and comments to yevulcan(at)hotmail(dot)com

YE Slideshow 2014

Hey! For those of you that were wondering where to find the YE Slideshow here is 2014 slide show!! We hope to post up more in the near future! Songs being used are by Behold “My Hero” and Skillet “Hero” Enjoy!